Please view our frequently asked questions below:

Who can join?

Anyone can sign up for a Caddee program with the following provisions in place:

  • Under 18 years of age participating must have parent/ guardian approval.
  • Under 16 years of age participating in a exercise program will only be given body weight exercises.
  • Under 12 years of age, a nutrition program is not available.
  • All participants must complete an pre exercise questionnaire.

Do I need to join a gym to have an exercise program designed?

No a consult between Caddee and yourself will determine what facilities you have available, be in the natural landscape, limits of your home or a pre-purchased gym membership.

What should I look for in a weight loss program?

Long term weight control must focus on your overall health and not a quick fix diet, focusing on not only nutrition but physical activity habits too. This program will teach you how to plan and keep weight off, guidance on how to develop healthier eating habits.

Can you help plan for a race?

Caddee is prepared to help with any event preparation be it a Fun Run or recognised Ironman Triathlon. Caddee will make itself available to become familiar with your circumstances and goals but would need a respectable time frame to address such events responsibly.

What does the nutrition package offer me?

Structured, weekly nutrition plan. Support tailored to your personal goals. Self-monitoring of eating plan and physical activity with logs. Regular feedback from Caddee on goals, progress and results given by email, phone or text messages.

Do I have to follow a specific meal plan or keep food records?

A nutrition plan will be sent to you weekly accustomed to your likes/dislikes & allergies. You do not have to keep a record of foods as this is already done for you, however if you stray from the program you MUST declare it to Caddee on your weekly consultation so we can help you.

Will the program help me be more physically active, follow a specific physical activity plan, or provide exercise guidelines?

Caddee invites your self discipline as much as possible however weekly phone calls to motivate and encourage you as well as designing weekly movement plans  within your capability range should naturally increase your physical activity.

Will the program work with my lifestyle and cultural needs? Does the program provide ways to deals with such issues as social or holiday eating, changes to work schedules, lack of motivation, and injury or illness?

Caddee will endeavour to always take personal considerations into account, no program will ever be sent through catering to anyone other than the member, it is the members responsibility to inform Caddee in their changes and their current health status, timetable changes, and observed holidays to the individual.  Please exercise the option of contacting Caddee and keep an eye out for online support forums; checking in regularly with our social media platforms and you may find comfort in similar stories of other members.

Does the program include a plan to help me keep the weight off once I’ve lost weight?

Yes! Caddee has a maintenance program. Go to the ‘sign up’ page for details.

Are you a golf coach?

The Caddee team are made up of a number of allied health professionals. The team aligns itself with reputable clubs, coaches and players alike for furthering their game knowledge, however Caddee doesn’t strive to coach in the field of golf but more so with the bodies involved in the game. Caddee builds bodies through sports science, human movement, exercise science and endorsement of physiotherapists.

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