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Personal Training now available in Sydney & Terrigal

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Personal Training now available in Sydney & Terrigal

Choose Caddee For Your Health & Fitness Needs

Caddee is a team of qualified and registered health professionals that includes Sport Scientists, Human Movement & Exercise Specialists, Clinical Weight Loss Coaches and Physiotherapists. They are available for personal training in a face-to-face capacity. PT is available in Sydney, Terrigal & Tamworth. Also available worldwide is our remote training via our Caddee Health APP – available on the APP Store. We will support your health and lifestyle needs regardless of your chosen platform.

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The Three Caddee Advantages:

A Better You

A holistic experience is offered to all members. Changes and/or improvements to the member may be personal growth, prolonging independent mobility, rehabilitation, sport specific, be it running a FunRun or golf swing diagnostics.


Our responsibility to members extends throughout the chosen sign up period and is made up of collaborating with other health professionals where due and familiarising ourselves with member goals.


Caddees blended learning approach combines the self-discipline of implementing a program with the check-in concept of the support team. Activity and food logs will transmit immediately to a Caddee coach upon completion prior to weekly phone calls.