Caddee is a team of qualified and registered health professionals. The teams experience has collectively spanned over 30 years. The Caddee team benefits from shared practice and where necessary collaborates with other allied health professionals. Caddee is made up of Sport Scientists, Human Movement & Exercise Specialists, Clinical Weight Loss Coaches and Physiotherapists.


I first met Hana through an old friend and by the end of the first session, it felt like I'd known Hana longer. With her sparkling personality, she was able to subtly persuade me into working much harder by making the sessions fun and rewarding. I use the word 'fun' somewhat liberally, but to her credit, I started craving the pain and gain of the routines so that by the time we were finished the workout, it felt like we'd just started. As I tend to move about with my job, Hana was able to adapt to my ever changing location of work and was not limited by geography as sessions were planned and prepped for my on-the-go life. Similarly, when I needed to move things about from a schedule point of view, she was able to move things to help me. Her support came face-to-face where possible and online when needed. This was especially prevalent with helping me with my diet to support the training regime we were undertaking. Both of these working together made both areas of life drastically improve. Since training with Hana I have run a half marathon and swum between Greek Islands - both tasks I never thought I would achieve back in the day.
Alexander Burnett
Hana has guided me in my quest for a happy and healthy life. I've tried a million ways to get the very best out of my fitness lifestyle through road cycling, however to no avail. Being of ethnic back ground, combined with 35 years of bad eating habits, I never thought that I could ever redeem myself into a respectable athlete that I am today at the age of 38. Prior to meeting Hana, my maximum weight was, 132kg! When we met, I was down to 90kg, and now 75kg thanks to her. I was sitting at 90kg for a long time and couldn't budge, until our meeting! The advice on nutrition and exercise was simply the best I'd ever encountered, Hana literally broke it down in a way that I could actually understand it. No complicated health jargon that makes no sense to the common person like myself. 35 years of bad psychology towards food is not an easy task to overcome. The program she has set for me with nutrition, abdominal and core strengthening is serving me in a big way. I'm now an A graded rider in my local cycling club. I look forward to our next consultation and goal setting.
Beni The Jet
Nat has been an honest, reliable and motivational trainer for the last few years. I have trained at my local park and on rainy day home on the veranda. Nat makes my programs interesting, varied and utilises the natural landscape and environment for functional sessions and diverse challenges. Nat has also challenged me with online training when I have been away on holidays.
Rosanna Devenish
I met Nat four years ago when I was 49 and feeling unfit and had put on weight. Nat took on the challenge & with some heartache, sweat & a few tears I lost 8kgs and toned up more than I thought possible in a matter of couple of months. I continued with Nat, sometimes having a break but always going back to her when I could. Nat is nurturing, she challenges you in a positive way and you think you cannot go that little bit extra but you do and you feel great afterwards. I can highly recommend Nat as a PT, she has a terrific attitude and loves what she does. She is a lovely person inside and out. I am a 'bit' uncoordinated but Nat acknowledges that and helps me to have confidence in myself and to trust my capabilities. We also have fun which is great, she makes me laugh and it is a fabulous way to stay the day for your mind and body.
Roslyn Adams
In February of 2011 I had the chance meeting to meet Nat from Caddee. She had just moved to Sydney and I was looking for a personal trainer. I had never used a 'one on one' trainer before, but I realised I needed to have more varied and some cross training exercises to achieve my fitness goals. She had a broad range of knowledge on what would suit ME and what I wanted to achieve. She worked me hard, but with her very engaging personality made the sessions so much fun. I looked forward to our sessions as I knew that my body was getting a good workout. She listened to my body and adapted exercises accordingly to what was needed to get the best out of me. She was knowledgeable with food plans and sessions would also incorporate what to eat and what not too. Nat was so supportive and encouraging. When I moved to New Zealand in 2013 I felt sad that our face-to-face sessions were over. I have made a lifetime friend in Nat, and am looking forward to training via an online program.
Nicky Edgar
I've been training via an online program for several months now and with my busy lifestyle I've found it time efficient and effective. Programs are sent to me weekly and I am supported by regular emails, other online support and phone calls. I can train when I like during the day without the hassle of travel time or scheduling with a trainer which is important when I'm time poor. I've had fantastic results.
Peta Barwick
Training regularly became a habit only in the last few years. Following a plan at the gym that constantly upped the ante had my goals and results always on the rise. My strength increased along with general fitness which transpired positively into other areas of my life. Having a program that changes weekly has meant scheduling ongoing face to face sessions doesn't have to be arranged when I am out of time or out of town. The Caddee teams considerations for my individual circumstances have made the regularity of my training realistic.
Ben Shemesh
I have had the assistance of Hana's training schedules as I had a return to run program designed post injury. I am running again and pain free. Our training relationship evolved from face-to-face sessions to self disciplined efforts via online planning. I always had the benefit of the Caddee teams collaboration as I healed and got back to the task at hand.
Emily Van Loon
When I was approaching my early 40’s, I knew my body required more than a general workout. I wasn’t really overweight, reasonably fit but I knew I needed a certain regime for the years that were to follow, before it was too late and for ongoing maintenance. I hit the jackpot with Hana. She knows the human body and the way it works and thinks. She is insightful, articulates well and works hard with you. She has immense dedication in making a difference to one’s well – being and will go over and beyond to help you get the results you need. I got an incredible outcome with my fitness, strength, balance and a flat stomach! I am now nearly 50 and my body has contoured into a shape that I didn’t have in my 20’s, what more could I ask for!
Phyllis Tsolakis

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