Caddee aims to take a convenient approach to health & wellness training. Individuals are invited to promote themselves in their current state of health and nominate the direction they would like to go.

Personal Training is available in Sydney, Terrigal and Tamworth NSW.

Caddee sessions are also available worldwide via an our Caddee Health APP available from the APP store. Caddee professionals will design a self applied personally tailored program catering to their health status as well as goals.

Both face-to-face clients and remote clients may choose to have an exercise program designed, a nutrition program designed or a program covering both areas.

Programs are not limited to a particular area and have been known to range from,  Weight loss, Sports Performance and Injury Rehabilitation.



Caddee provides a course specifically in the field of Golf. The course is a as a 1 OR 2 day workshop, and caters to groups nationwide. Over the course participants are taken through 10 modules spanning;
  1. What is golf
  2. Uniqueness of golf
  3. Physiology of the golf swing
  4. The law of physics and its application to golf
  5. Stages of the golf swing
  6. Common golf swing problems
  7. Interpretation/application of swing stages and problems
  8. Common Injuries
  9. Injury prevention
  10. Strength and conditioning
  11. Teaching a class (NB: aimed at exercise professionals if attending)

This is both theory based and practical in its delivery.

2018 course dates and locations to be announced. Bookings are essential. To register your interest please email via the ‘Contact Us’ page.